Emergeth provides Solutions for your business

The two objectives of running your business are
Do what you love
Run your business successfully
Focus on doing what you love and not on writing code or monitoring your website's firewall.
Leverage open source tools. Keep software licensing costs from calling the shots. It's your business.
Use the cloud to pay for the infrastructure your site actually uses, and not for surplus cycles or bandwidth that eat into your bottom line.

Emergeth can...

  • build and help you manage your Linux infrastructure, be it local, hosted, or in the Cloud
  • give you an online presence
  • help you choose the right tools and programming languages for the right jobs
  • develop static, dynamic, or CMS-based websites for operating on online business
  • keep your site running securely, direct traffic to it, and help it to grow with your business
  • monitor your web sites and web services, giving you a heartbeat of your infrastructure
  • provide Quality Assurance checks on your content and infrastructure process documentation

Emergeth operates transparently and honestly, and documents everything.